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MAGA Fan Can't Back Up Claim That Disney Is 'Advertising Gayness' To Kids In Awkward Video

Davram Stiefler of the comedy duo 'The Good Liars' put a Trump-supporting grandpa on the hot seat after he claimed Disney is 'advertising gayness' to his grandkids—and the MAGA fan crashed and burned.

TikTok screenshots of Davram Stiefler interviewing MAGA supporter

The Good Liars, a comedy duo known for lampooning American politics, went viral once again after they shared a clip of a MAGA supporter they interviewed who absurdly claimed that Disney is "advertising gayness."

In a TikTok video shared by the comedy duo, the man professed his support for former President Donald Trump following his arraignment in Georgia on charges that he interfered in the state's electoral process in an effort to overturn the results of the 2020 general election.

When The Good Liars' Davram Stiefler asked the MAGA supporter to elaborate on his claim about Disney, the man admitted that his assertion was based on hearsay and added that he didn't have direct knowledge of the situation.

When further pressed on whether there was concrete evidence of Disney's influence on children's views, the man conceded that he did not possess such information.

You can watch the awkward moment in the video below.

When Stiefler asked the man to "clarify" his statement that Disney is "advertising gayness," the man replied:

“I don’t [know]. Disney was going into the business of putting ideas in my kids', my grandkids’ minds, that I didn’t want them putting in my grandkids’ minds.”

When Stiefler asked "Did that actually happen?" the man was stumped:

“I don’t know. I’m just going on what I heard.”

And when pressed on whether his kids had "changed their views on things based on Disney," the man could only respond:

“No, I don’t.”

Earlier this year, Disney filed a lawsuit accusing Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis of taking action against the company when its then-CEO criticized Florida's Parental Rights in Education plan—or "Don't Say Gay" law—which limits the instruction of gender identity and sexuality in public schools.

DeSantis' administration then dissolved a longstanding agreement that gave Disney jurisdiction over the infrastructure requirements and responsibilities of the area where Disney World is located while leaving over 1,500 other such jurisdictions in place.

Despite concerns over the burden this change could place on local taxpayers, the Governor's administration continued to counter any attempt made by Disney to have the agreement reinstated.

The clip of The Good Liars' latest encounter with the MAGA tribe quickly went viral—and people had much to say.

The Good Liars have previously showcased what can only be described as an alternate reality of sorts among Trump supporters that highlights the strength of former Republican President Donald Trump's cult of personality.

For instance, last year social media users were left dumbfounded after one of Trump's ardent supporters insisted Democratic President Joe Biden is in fact dead and the imposter is actually just actor Jim Carrey in a mask.

The woman, who wore a T-shirt bearing an animated likeness of the former President, claimed "the person that’s doing the stand-up job of trying to wake people up, is an actor wearing a mask."

She said she believes "there are several different people playing Joe Biden at this point."