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GOP Rep. Madison Cawthorn Dragged For Beating Up A Tree In Bizarre Resurfaced Video


A recently resurfaced video of Republican Congressman Madison Cawthorn of North Carolina has many Twitter users confused and concerned.

Cawthorn, Congress's youngest member, has become well-known for his history of friendliness with the alt-right, accusations of sexual misconduct, lies about the incident which left him paralyzed, and support of baseless conspiracy theories.

This video, however, has little to do with any of those past controversies.

In the video from 2018, Cawthorne can be seen beating up a tree.

Many online asked the obvious question—why beat up a tree?

Some on Twitter found the video was a potent metaphor now that Cawthorn is a Congressman.

It turns out the video was likely inspired by a martial arts technique where fighters will harden their fists by punching trees.

Normally the martial artists will avoid punching dead, rotting trees like the one Cawthorn chose, since they fall apart too easily.

Cawthorn was relentlessly mocked online for this most recent embarrassing incident.

Many joked the tree must have done something to Cawthorn.

Madison Cawthorn's time in Congress is likely becoming harder and harder as more episodes from his past come to light.