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Controversial North Carolina Republican Offers Petty Celebratory Tweet After Winning House Seat

Controversial North Carolina Republican Offers Petty Celebratory Tweet After Winning House Seat
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In the North Carolina district once occupied by Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, citizens have now voted in Congress's new youngest member: Madison Cawthorn.

Cawthorn was given a primetime speaking slot at the Republican National Convention, where he spoke about the challenge of overcoming a car crash that left him unable to walk.

The young candidate's ties to the alt-right and shockingly racist online activities have become a notable controversy online, however.

Upon winning his house seat in North Carolina, Cawthorn used the moment not to offer an olive branch to the constituents who may not have voted for him, but instead to mock liberals everywhere.

Twitter was not especially surprised by Cawthorn's less-than-dignified victory message.

Cawthorn has come under fire online for posting, removing, and then reposting a photo of himself at Adolph Hitler's Eagle Nest vacation home. In his caption, he wrote the trip was on his "bucket list."

Critics of Cawthorn also note that he's registered an LLC named for a Latin acronym popular among white nationalists.

He also frequently appears in front of an outdated version of the American flag which is, once again, a calling card of many white nationalist groups.

Cawthorn was recently forced to remove a section from his website which said Democratic opponent Moe Davis left a previous job "to work for non-white males, like Cory Booker, who aims to ruin white males running for office."

The newly-elected Congressman later said the blatantly racist passage was the result of a "syntax error," though it's hard to imagine any grammatical mixup leading to such a racially charged accusation.

New Jersey Senator Cory Booker responded to Cawthorn's candidacy, saying he was "saddened" that "somebody who is so clearly racist is a nominee of a major party."

Twitter was devastated that a man with Cawthorn's history of racist behavior could still win a public office.

Cawthorn has clearly taken a page out of President Trump's book—in his mind, only his supporters deserve respect.

Cawthorn will be sworn into Congress this upcoming January, at which point he will become the House's youngest member.

Sadly, it seems he'll only be bringing outdated ideas to the Capital.