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Madison Cawthorn Slammed For Touting Stimulus Funds For His District That He Voted Against

Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call/Getty Images

On Tuesday, March 30, Republican Congressman Madison Cawthorn of North Carolina sent out a tweet touting the benefits of the federal grants that would help support his district, NC-11.

Cawthorn neglected to mention one detail, however, in his Twitter brag.

The freshman Republican voted against every single one of the stimulus funds he now claimed NC-11 needed.

Twitter didn't let Cawthorn take credit for the financial relief he actively fought against.

If Cawthorn had his way, none of the grants he's now "happy to announce" would be available to help his district.

Cawthorn was truly shameless in his hypocrisy, but Twitter came prepared with receipts.

NC-11 is receiving these benefits in spite of Cawthorn's vote—and the votes of most of his fellow Republicans—not because of it.

If voters are excited about these grants, they should vote for a different Representative the next time around.

Voters should hold politicians like Cawthorn accountable for their actions.

Who knows what good thing Cawthorn—who faces widespread criticism for being less than honest multiple times—will vote against before bragging about its benefits next.

Only time will tell.