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Kevin Sorbo Gets Brutal Grammar Lesson After Trying To Mock CNN+'s 'Pronouns' In Bonkers Tweet

Kevin Sorbo Gets Brutal Grammar Lesson After Trying To Mock CNN+'s 'Pronouns' In Bonkers Tweet
Steven Ferdman/Getty Images

No matter how many times he face plants, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys actor Kevin Sorbo never stops trying to own the libs with embarrassingly cringe tweets. And this weekend was no exception.

Amid news of CNN's online streaming platform CNN+ shuttering after just three weeks, Sorbo took to Twitter to make fun of the channel's demise with a truly cringe tweet in which he attempted to mock CNN+ by mocking trans people.

But what he actually did was reveal he doesn't understand even the basic rudiments of English grammar--and Twitter of course wasted no time setting him straight.

See his tweet below.

CNN+'s parent company announced the platform's shuttering last week following a merger between Warner Brothers and Discovery, and given that it had just launched with a splashy debut mere weeks ago, it has been the butt of all sorts of ridicule.

Many have compared it unfavorably with the roll-out of streaming platform Quibi--which, disastrous as it was, at least lasted a full eight months before shuttering.

But Sorbo's hot take was decidedly... well, dumb and embarrassing.

He wrote:

"If CNN+ had pronouns they’d be was/were."

Ooh. Sick burn, Kevin. There's just one problem, however--as anyone with even an elementary-school education in English grammar could explain.

"Was/were" are not pronouns. They're verbs. Verbs have nothing to do with pronouns or trans people, and the joke makes no sense. Sorry to disappoint, Mr. Sorbo!

Sorbo has become somewhat infamous for weird, face-planty, ignorant attempts at dragging liberals of all stripes. Like when he pointed out that there are no Democrats on Mount Rushmore seemingly unaware of the fact that the Democratic Party didn't exist at the time of two of the monument's subjects and that the GOP was the U.S.'s progressive party at the time of the other two.

Or the time he tweeted about being glad he doesn't live in "Commiefornia" from California.

And speaking of "commies," there was the time he tweeted about... COVID being the flu and the treatments for COVID somehow being communism? Or something?

In any case, Twitter of course had a field day with this deeply cringey tweet, and the whole thing turned into the grammar lesson Sorbo apparently missed.

Never change and never learn, Mr. Sorbo.

Twitter has way too much fun with you.