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Kentucky Police Offer Hilarious Warning After Catching Driver Who Made A Hand-Drawn License Plate

Millersburg Police Department/Facebook

A Kentucky motorist was caught while driving with a DIY hand-drawn license plate.

Millersburg Police Department posted a photo of a home-made plate found during a traffic stop on September 2.

The plate was drawn on white paper with markers and made to look like the real thing – although as officers pointed out, lacked the registration sticker.

After further investigation, it was revealed the driver of the vehicle had no insurance and was driving on a suspended license.

The force said:

“The Millersburg Police Dept. is dedicated to keeping the roads safe for responsible drivers in Millersburg and Bourbon County."
“Pro Tip: Don't forget to draw the registration sticker."

The post was popular with social media users. One wrote:

“I once stop[ped] a car whose owner had used wax to make the registration decal."