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Kelly Clarkson Has Hilarious Exception For Fans Who Want To 'Throw Sh*t' At Her On Stage

The singer kicked off her Las Vegas residency with one request for fans looking to throw things at her while she's performing.

Kelly Clarkson
Denise Truscello/Getty Images/Caesars Entertainment

It's becoming increasingly common for audience members to throw items at singers and entertainers while they perform on stage.

While gift-giving in this way may seem practical and kind, some items have proven to be problematic, as some performers have been struck by items or soaked through like Cardi B. after a fan threw water at her.

But singer Kelly Clarkson seems to have come up with a solution that makes sense for entertainers and is funny for fans, announcing it at the beginning of her musical residency in Las Vegas, Nevada.

During a recent performance, caught in a TikTok video, Clarkson addressed the issue with her rule, saying:

"If you're going to throw sh*t, throw diamonds."

The comment was met with a peel of laughter across the audience before the first song began.

But the videographer told viewers to "watch to the end" in their caption, as Clarkson showed a lot more depth than her comment might have suggested, picking up a pink rag doll someone had thrown onto the stage and hugging it to her chest as she finished the song.

You can watch the video below:


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Many TikTokers found the comment to be hilarious, and others loved how it reflected Kelly Clarkson's personality.








One TikToker came forward in the comments and claimed to be the person from the video.

Allegedly, it was their 30th birthday, and they were holding up the pink rag doll to offer to Clarkson as a gift. She saw them with the doll and made the comment about the diamonds. They ultimately decided to throw the doll anyway, and Clarkson's response absolutely made their birthday night that much better.


Throughout the evening of this concert, Clarkson referred to her recent divorce, singing songs specifically about breaking up and growing stronger after the relationship ended.

Perhaps the comment about diamonds was also a jab in some way at her ex-husband for what she deserved to receive from him but did not get.

But more than likely, it's one more sign that Kelly Clarkson knows what she's worth—and that's much more than getting hit with a random item on stage.