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Cardi B Retaliates Hard After Fan Throws Their Drink At Her While She's Performing On Stage

The rapper didn't hesitate to throw her microphone at the offender as her track kept playing during her set at Drai’s Beachclub in Las Vegas.

Cardi B getting splashed with a beverage at a concert

The number of incidents involving concertgoers hurling various items at performers has increased as part of a viral trend.

And it seriously needs to stop.

But rapper Cardi B took matters into her own hands when a drink was hurled at her during a performance on Saturday in Las Vegas.

When an unruly audience member tossed a drink in her direction, a startled Cardi B threw her handheld mic at the culprit while the track to her song “Bodak Yellow” continued playing.

The incident took place at Drai’s Beachclub for a double-billed appearance with fellow rapper Moneybagg Yo.

You can watch how she retaliated to the airborne bevy in the clip below.

Twitter users thought her knee-jerk response was warranted.

While fans throwing things at performers has been an ongoing occupational hazard, it seemed to have increased significantly in recent months.

In July, an object was thrown at rap artist Latto during a festival performance in Germany.

In response, the “Put It On Da Floor" rapper threatened:

“Want your a--beat? Throw it again. Throw it again. I’m a beat your a--.”

Also last month, Harry Styles was struck in the eye after a fan threw a long-stemmed rose, according to an eyewitness, during a performance in Vienna, Austria.

In footage circulating online, the former One Direction star stopped singing and cupped his eye after being hit and was walked off stage.

He was previously struck in his left eye at another show in Los Angeles last year when a fan threw some Skittles at him.

On July 5, a fan at a Drake concert in Chicago threw a cell phone at the Canadian rapper.

An online video clip showed the rapper almost catching the cell phone but it bounced off his hand and flew off the stage.

When Pink was performing in London, a concertgoer threw a bag of what appeared to be the ashes of their mother.

While the bag didn't hit the singer, she picked up the bag and asked the fan:

"This is your mom?"

"I don’t know how I feel about this," she said, before putting it down and resuming her performance.

The dangerous trend of concertgoers chucking things at celebrities could have an impact on how performers engage with fans in the future.

A concerned Twitter user warned:

“Stop throwing things at our girlies or they’ll make us go back to concerts on Zoom."