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JoJo Siwa Just Responded To A Fan Asking How Her Teeth Are 'So White' With Hilarious Honesty

The former 'Dance Moms' star chose the honest approach to a question about her 'chompers' during a recent livestream.

JoJo Siwa

In Hollywood, there are of course all sorts of alterations stars make to their faces and bodies, and most of them do an admirable job of pretending they're all natural.

But most of us can tell the difference of course, and these celebs are fooling no one! So it's refreshing when they're willing to cop to having bought some of their good looks.

That's precisely how fans of actor, singer and dancer JoJo Siwa are feeling after she admitted her legendary smile isn't down to just good genes.

She paid for those pearly whites.


I died over this part lol @itsjojosiwa

Siwa recently did a live stream in which she took questions from her legions of fans, and several screenshot clips have since been posted to TikTok.

Siwa tackled all sorts of topics, from her experiences with bullying and her infamous stint on Dance Moms to what projects she has in the pipeline.

One viewer asked her what the secret is to her legendarily bright white teeth. And rather than attribute it to laser tooth whitening or those Crest white strips, she fully admitted that she bought them.

Asked how her teeth got so white, she laughed and answered candidly:

"Because I picked out the whitest color."

She went on to reveal that her teeth are actually veneers—or "chompers" as she called them—which are coverings made of either composite resin or porcelain that are placed over a person's actual teeth to give that perfect smile look.

Of course, Siwa could have gone the route that so many celebrities do when asked about things like this—told a fib about how careful she is about dental hygiene or how lucky she is to have good dental genes.

But instead, Siwa stayed true to her outspoken, down-to-earth persona and just copped to paying for her smile.

Her fans on TikTok loved her for it.










Here's hoping more celebrities take Siwa's cue and just own up to the parts of their look they've paid for.

There's no shame in that game!