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Jay-Z Weighs In On Viral Fan Debate Between Choosing $500k Cash Or Having Dinner With Him

The rapper has settled a debate on social media about whether it would be better to get $500,000 or have dinner with him during an interview with Gayle King on 'CBS Mornings.'

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Roc Nation

Jay-Z has finally weighed in on the debate making its way around social media that asks fans if they would rather have $500,000 or dinner with the rapper.

Those taking the position of dinner in lieu of half a mil argue that the wisdom the first hip-hop billionaire would impart over the course of a meal would be far more valuable in the long run than a one-time payment.

While appearing on CBS Mornings, host Gayle King asked the Roc Nation founder his thoughts on that argument:

"I'd love to hear what you think about this: If you had a choice between getting paid $500,000 in cash or lunch with Jay-Z, which would you choose you."

And, well, Jay-Z said you should take the money, adding that you can hear everything he has to say by listening to his music, specifically his Blueprint album.

“You gotta take the money."
“I mean, what am I gonna say? Everything that I’m gonna say — you got all that in the music, what, for $10.99? That’s a bad deal. I wouldn’t tell you to cut a bad deal.”
“Everything that I said was going to happen happened."
“Everything that I said I wanted to do, I’ve done. And there’s ‘The Blueprint’ — the blueprint, literally — to me and my life and my journey is there already.”

You can watch the clip below.

JAY-Z weighs in on "$500,000 in cash or lunch with JAY-Z" debate: "You've gotta take the money"

While some viewers of the interview accepted the rapper's answer as the end of the debate...

... others still felt a meal and a conversation with the mogul would be far superior.

Someone with experience chimed in... and said he would take the dinner.

Rapper Rick Ross shared in an Instagram story about how a 2008 lunch with Jay-Z inspired a shift in his process.

But those of us without Ross' talent would be happy to take the cash!