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Indian Man Disguises Himself As A Bride To See His 'Lover' On Her Wedding Day—It Did Not End Well


An Indian young man's scheme to see his lover on her wedding day backfired horribly when he was discovered by her family before making contact.

In Bhadohi in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, a viral video shows the man trying to sneak into the estate of his lover as she makes preparations to get married.

He was stopped by her family before he could successfully pull off his stunt.

The young man, who applied makeup and a wig in addition to traditional women's wedding clothes, was unable to fool the relatives of the bride.

They demanded his identity and were then shown pulling off his veil and his wig.


The confrontation escalated, with family members assaulting and slapping him, before the young man escaped on a bicycle with two nearby friends.

In revealing the man's disguise, the family also learned the truth about who he was in relationship to the bride.

Giphy reported the scheme to sneak into the house under the nose of the family was concocted by the man and his friends, but went awry when his suspicious body language alerted family members.

Ah, well, better luck next time, kid.

Next time, maybe sneaking in the front door won't be the way to go.