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If You're Sick Of Kanye West, This New Browser Extension Has You Covered

If You're Sick Of Kanye West, This New Browser Extension Has You Covered
(Photo by Bruce Glikas/Bruce Glikas/FilmMagic)

2018 wasn't a good year for Kanye West. He's continued to make headlines all year for various degrees of insanity. But there's a new Google Chrome extension that will keep him out of sight, out of mind, if you're sick of him like the rest of us.

Say hello to SnoozYe.

"We can all agree that Kanye West is a musical genius. But in a time when our political climate is in disarray, his "genius" (or however you'd like to call it) has become pretty exhausting," says the caption on the video.

The video plays clips of Kanye saying things like his infamous "slavery is a choice" moment and his rant praising Donald Trump, on which several people walked right out on.

"That's why a group of tired Kanye fans in New York have set out to give the world the rest it needs with the SnoozYe Chrome extension. Downloading the free extension allows fans and ex-fans a chance to block out all Kanye-related news from entering their personal feeds for a day, a week, until Yandhi drops or however long they need."

Yandhi is Kanye's upcoming studio album, announced in September 2018.

After the year Kanye has had, literally nobody is mad to not be hearing from him for a little while. It's as easy as choosing for how long you want to block out news (24 hours, one week, till Yandhi, or indefinitely), click, and Kanye's name will be blocked by a yellow bar.

In fact, it's a collective sigh of relief from all.

And some of his more recent Tweets are really demonstrating a need for SnoozYe.

...If you haven't already unfollowed him.

#SnoozYe. The most necessary thing you will ever add onto your browser.