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Guy's 'Fairy Tale' Proposal Goes Hilariously Wrong After The Boat His Fiancée Is In Suddenly Takes Off

Guy's 'Fairy Tale' Proposal Goes Hilariously Wrong After The Boat His Fiancée Is In Suddenly Takes Off

There are myriad memorable ways to make a romantic and memorable proposal, but this is emphatically not one of them.

A TikTok of a proposal gone very, very wrong has gone viral for the boat-related mishap that ensued. Here's a pro-tip: If you're going to make a sweeping romantic gesture while stepping onto a boat, DO NOT rest your hand on the boat's accelerator when you lean in for a kiss!

A TikTok video of the hilariously disastrous proposal has left millions in hysterics.

The video comes from TikTok user @amandamarriiee, whose mother's friends were the soon-to-be-married subjects in question. It all started off with the kind of sweepingly romantic gesture a fairy tale proposal is made of.

Amidst a gorgeous backdrop of a wooded lake, the groom-to-be waited on his boat for his wife-to-be's approaching boat. Standing on the edge of his boat, he pulled a ring box from his pocket, and exchanged words with his intended―presumably the proposal itself. He then stepped from his boat to hers to give her a kiss. Aww!

But when he leaned in for the kiss, he rested his hand on the woman's boat's accelerator. And you can probably guess how that went: Her boat suddenly lurched forward, causing her to fall backward and him to lose his balance and fall toward the water.

That all would've been bad enough, but to add literal injury to the situation, as the wife-to-be fell backward she kicked her betrothed clean in the face as he tumbled into the lake.

All in all, your basic disaster. Thankfully, in a follow-up post, the TikTok'er reported that the ring was salvaged and neither people were injured. Phew!

On TikTok, people were left in stitches by the video.











But hey, at least they'll have a funny story for the grandkids. And video documenting it to boot!