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Kathy Griffin Offers Perfect Response To Gay Trump Supporter's Condescending Rant About 2020 Election

Kathy Griffin Offers Perfect Response To Gay Trump Supporter's Condescending Rant About 2020 Election
Phillip Faraone/WireImage; @christianwalk1r/Instagram

Christian Walker—a pro-Trump gay man who is the son of Heisman Trophy winner Herschel Walker—made waves this week by posting a condescending, dramatic and conspiracy theory-laden video to Instagram insisting Donald Trump will still win the 2020 election he lost.

Bigly. 7 million votes bigly. 74 electoral votes bigly.

As a gay icon, comedian Kathy Griffin is taking his rant very personally. Griffin used her trademark wit to call herself and two other gay icons to account for Walker's behavior.

Twitter is loving it.

In a quote tweet of Walker's viral video, Griffin pretended to call fellow gay icons Bette Midler and Beyoncé to get to the bottom of how Walker ended up so firmly in Trump's camp.

In her caption, Griffin asked:

"...Gaga, Bette and Beyoncé... 'Ladies, how could we let this happen? HOW?'"

Walker—whose father is a close friend of Trump's for decades—filmed his video in the wake of the Electoral College casting its votes for Joe Biden on Monday.

In it Walker insisted that on January 6—when Congress meets to tally the electoral votes—Trump will prevail.

"Let me break this down for any liberals who are being boisterous and a little out of control today."
"Article II, section 1 of the Constitution, check into it. "
"The electors may have cast their votes today; they're not counted until January 6, when Congress meets."

Walker seemed unaware that what he hinted at—Congress will change the vote tallies on January 6—would be an unconstitutional act.

Walker went on to reference the handful of states where so-called "alternate electors"—which do not hold any authority over the election results once the Electoral College has met and voted as it did on Monday—met to vote for Trump. Walker claimed—as many on the right have been doing this week—such "alternate electors" give Trump a legal, legitimate path to victory.

The claim is erroneous.

But that didn't stop Walker from claiming otherwise in both his video and his Instagram caption, where he wrote:

"Nobody cares how loud you yell with your stinky breath and blue hair, this is going to be decided constitutionally."

For many online, the fact Walker is openly gay made his dedication to Trump—who has made the rollback of rights and protections for LGBTQ people a cornerstone of his administration—all the more bizarre.

And for them, Griffin's take on the matter hit the nail on the head.

This video is but the latest of Walker's online controversies. He's previously made waves for mocking the pandemic and tweeting at Black people to "stop complaining" about slavery.