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Gay Man Inadvertently Sat Next To Guy He Dated—And The Guy's Wife And Kids—At Church On Christmas Eve, And It Got Awkward

Gay Man Inadvertently Sat Next To Guy He Dated—And The Guy's Wife And Kids—At Church On Christmas Eve, And It Got Awkward
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Life has a way of bringing people together in the most unlikely of ways.

You know how it goes: one minute you're just an average gay man at Christmas mass minding your business...

...and the next minute who should you find sitting next to you but your ex-boyfriend, his wife and their kids.


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Sounds far-fetched right?

But it's exactly what happened to a certain UK Twitter gent, Dan aka @dxnielandrew_, this Christmas.

Imagine you're just minding your own business, accompanying your dear old mum to Christmas mass and there beside you is one of your hook-ups and his very straight family.


Except that's not what actually happened here at all. This was no mere one-night stand.

Dan and his married former paramour were actually together for a while.


Merry Christmas, then.


But it got so, so much worse. AsPinkNews reported reported, in a tweet that's since been deleted, Dan described how he ran into his former married-to-a-lady-with-kids boyfriend again moments later.

"Went to the pub after mass to meet my dad and family and WOULD YOU GUESS WHO I'M EXCHANGING LOOKS WITH AT THE BAR SOMEONE KILL ME"

Now if you were to venture a guess what happened next, would your money be on the ex-boyfriend either fleeing or confronting Dan in the bathroom or something?

Oops, you lose.

Thankfully, it ended there.


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It did not end there at all.

The dude kept DM'ing Dan sexual innuendos and Dan kept posting them to Twitter. And then the ex-boyfriend found out Dan was posting it all to Twitter and freaked the eff out.

As one does.

And when Dan stopped responding, he freaked out even more.

And then #hellopleasereply pretty much immediately went viral.

So how did this all end?

Well, it turned out that Dan's ex had a perfectly good explanation for this Yuletide mishap.

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And, naturally because this is the internet, the ex-boyfriend ended the conversation by calling Dan some ugly names.

But Dan got the last word.

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As you might guess, for bystanders on Twitter Dan's unfortunate shi*show was nothing short of a Christmas miracle.

Who says the internet can't be a force for good?

God bless us, every one!