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Fox News Guest Says Military Doesn't Need Women Or Gays—Just Men Who 'Want To Sit On A Throne Of Chinese Skulls'

Fox News Guest Says Military Doesn't Need Women Or Gays—Just Men Who 'Want To Sit On A Throne Of Chinese Skulls'
Fox News

A Fox News segment has sparked outrage after a guest spouted shockingly violent rhetoric while discussing the American military.

During an appearance on far-right Fox News host Tucker Carlson's show, conservative radio talk show host Jesse Kelly somehow managed to be sexist, homophobic and xenophobic all at once while issuing a shockingly violent call for the U.S. military to attack China.

According to Kelly, the military needs to avoid women and gays in favor of men who "want to sit on a throne of Chinese skulls."

See a clip of Kelly's comments below.

The men's conversation centered on Admiral Christopher Grady, who was appointed Vice-Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff two weeks ago.

During his confirmation hearings, Grady said he would value working with military "gender advisors," who consult military leadership on how gender affects military operations as mandated by the Women, Peace, and Security Act signed into law by former Republican President Donald Trump in 2017.

For Carlson and Kelly, however, the gender advisors are just another example of how weak, unmanly and "woke" the U.S. military has become.

In his comments, Kelly unfavorably juxtaposed the U.S. military's supposed obsession with gender and the Chinese and Russian militaries' development of new weapons to cripple American military power.

Kelly said:

“Our military, though, they’re focused on the important things."
"We want to focus on climate change, and we definitely have to make sure there are enough tampons in the restrooms at the Pentagon.”

But that was just Kelly's opening salvo.

After claiming the gender advisors will result in multitudinous military deaths, Kelly rattled off a chillingly violent call to arms for the American military that many likened to a call for genocide—and one that managed to be shockingly misogynistic, homophobic and xenophobic all in one go.

"We don’t need a military that’s woman-friendly, we don't need a military that’s gay-friendly, with all due respect to the Air Force."
"We need a military that's flat-out hostile. We need a military full of Type A men who want to sit on a throne of Chinese skulls."
"But we don't have that now. We can't get women off of naval vessels. That should be step one but most of them are pregnant anyway."

If your mouth is hanging open, you're not alone.

People on Twitter were shocked and disgusted by Kelly's comments.

And of course, there was no shortage of making fun of Carlson and Kelly too.

In response to the blowback to his comments, Kelly predictably doubled-down on his various bigotries, tweeting he's not anti-Asian because he likes actress Lucy Liu.