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'Fox & Friends' Hosts Claim Schools Are Trying To 'Take Down The White Culture' In Bonkers Meltdown

'Fox & Friends' Hosts Claim Schools Are Trying To 'Take Down The White Culture' In Bonkers Meltdown
Fox News

It seems the hosts of the Fox News morning show Fox & Friends have a bone to pick with anyone learning accurate history instead of a sanitized, whitewashed version.

The show's hosts, Steve Doocy, Ainsley Earhardt and Brian Kilmeade, had a meltdown on Wednesday over the notion schools would teach students about racial justice.

The hosts were so threatened by the idea Kilmeade actually exclaimed White people are being "marginalized."

You can view their comments below:

The level of alarm of the Fox & Friends hosts led to the trio making unsubstantiated claims and rapidly devolving to absurd accusations of reverse racism.

Kilmeade began his comments by complaining today's "civil rights movement" dismisses out of hand the progress the U.S. has made on racism in previous decades.

He then claimed the current racial justice movement seeks to actively injure White people.

"[T]hey are not only trying to raise up minorities and make sure the playing field is even, they're trying to take down the White culture."

Kilmeade then went ballistic claiming he and people like him are being "marginalized."

"Why are we being marginalized on a daily basis based on our gender, our sexuality, and the color of our skin. And it's not even subtle!"

Earhardt then chimed in to say the Bible, and not antiracism, is what children should be taught.

"Don't see people for skin color. We look to the Bible in my house. We love everybody."

Then Steve Doocy trotted out the old chestnut the election of former Democratic President Barack Obama solved racism.

"It was just a couple of years ago where the United States of America elected an African-American as President of the United States."

As usual this meltdown was triggered by the conservative target du jour, Critical Race Theory. The social science based area of study examines the ways racism shaped American public policy and the impact it has on society and the lives of people of color.

The theory has become an obsession among conservatives who, when they bother to define it at all, misrepresent it entirely. They define it as a movement by Black people to castigate all White people as inherently racist and replace White supremacy with Black supremacy.

On Twitter, people were both astonished and wholly unsurprised by the Fox & Friends hosts' meltdown.

Kilmeade closed the segment in the most Fox News on-brand way possible.

In a bold-faced lie, Kilmeade claimed Obama mocked Critical Race Theory in his recent interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper. In reality, Obama mocked conservatives' obsession with the theory, not the theory itself.