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Sweet Dog Abandoned At North Carolina Shelter After His Owners Complained That He's 'Gay'

Sweet Dog Abandoned At North Carolina Shelter After His Owners Complained That He's 'Gay'
Stanly County Animal Shelter

Four- to five-year-old Fezco the dog was looking for a new home after being dropped off at the Stanly County Animal Shelter in North Carolina.

He was surrendered after his owners witnessed his interactions with another male dog. The two were excited and playing, and the couple was shocked when Fezco mounted the other dog.

While this is a biological norm for domesticated animals while playing or while asserting dominance, the couple instead accused the dog of being "gay" and were so appalled, they left him at the animal shelter.

Fezco was described as being an incredibly friendly and cute dog, approximately 50 pounds, and amicable around people and other animals despite the accusations made by his former owners.

You can watch more about this incident here:

The internet immediately rallied around Fezco and the Stanly County Animal Shelter after hearing the reason and circumstances under which he was abandoned.

The news of Fezco's displacement quickly spread across all social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Reddit and Twitter, as well as countless news sources.

People following the story were furious with the previous owners for being so unaware of normal dog behaviors, especially because their ignorance caused them to part ways with their dog.

People on Twitter were furious on Fezco's behalf.

Others readily volunteered to adopt him.

While it's terrible Fezco was abandoned by his first owners, some people pointed out it may have been for the best.

Pets deserve to be with owners who will love them unconditionally and throughout the entirety of their lives.

Before getting a pet, people should always do their research to know how to care for their pet and to know what to expect from them.

If this couple had done their due diligence, they may not have been so surprised to see two male dogs playing together.