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Eric Trump Gets A Brutal Economics Lesson After His Tone-Deaf Tweet About Stock Market Gains

Noam Galai/Getty Images

As the November elections approach in the midst of a pandemic President Trump has done very little to contain in the United States, his children continue to pitch him online as a big success deserving of a second term.

On Wednesday, September 2, Eric Trump was given an earful on social media after saying the rising DOW Jones means the economy is "roaring back to life."

Twitter was quick to inform Eric that the stock market is not the whole economy.

As the old saying goes, "Wall Street is not Main Street."

Unemployment has skyrocketed many are struggling to pay their rent, and small businesses continue to suffer due to the virus President Trump has failed to control.

The average American doesn't have a large investment in the stock market.

Meanwhile, many others pointed out that the stock market has been able to maintain stability largely because the Fed is pouring money into it.

Perhaps Eric Trump learned something valuable about the economy today...though most people doubted it.