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Eric Trump Dragged For Continuing To Deny The Election Results With A Mind-Boggling Graphic

Eric Trump Dragged For Continuing To Deny The Election Results With A Mind-Boggling Graphic
Noam Galai/Getty Images

The Trump family continues to deny reality, falsely claiming Donald Trump has won the 2020 election despite every reputable news outlet calling the election for Joe Biden days ago.

In a bizarre tweet on November 10, Eric Trump shared a line graph that seems to have been quickly thrown together without the help of any data or design skills.

It shows a blue line, assumably Joe Biden, rising above a red line (Donald Trump) before suddenly dropping off as the red line continues to inexplicably rise. A yellow marker says "you are here" just before the blue drop.

The image confused almost everyone who encountered it.

How did Joe Biden's votes rise and drop so suddenly? How did Trump's votes start steadily rising days after the votes had all finished being counted?

Is Eric Trump still using MS paint years after its passing from cultural relevance? Or did he get out his crayons?

A significant number of people used Eric's graph to point out that the Trump campaign is currently in the midst of a metaphorical garbage fire.

Needless to say, Eric's graph is completely divorced from reality.

Joe Biden's vote lead over Donald Trump has only grown since the race was called for him and no expert predicts this is going to change.

People wondered whether the graph might have another use they were missing.

Of course, this was far from the first or last time Eric Trump seemed to misunderstand the election process.

In the meantime, it was clear to anyone with a handle on reality that Joe Biden is the President-Elect.

At least with Donald Trump removed from office, Eric Trump will finally have the time to take that statistics class he's been putting off.