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Elderly Ukrainian Couple Is Having None Of It After Russian Soldiers Storm Their Property In Viral Video

Elderly Ukrainian Couple Is Having None Of It After Russian Soldiers Storm Their Property In Viral Video

Surveillance footage captured an elderly Ukrainian couple standing up to Russian soldiers who invaded their property in southern Ukraine.

The footage was subsequently shared on the Twitter page of the US Embassy in Kyiv, who labeled the couple "Ukrainian Heroes" in the video caption which read:

"Today we salute this elderly couple who stood up to three Russian solders."

The video began with three Russian soldiers approaching a residence and banging on a closed metal gate with their guns.

After forcing open the gate, the three soldiers proceeded onto the property as barking dogs could be heard in the background.

The elderly couple who resided at the property didn't seem fazed by the presence of three armed soldiers and made no attempt to hide their anger over the intrusion.

The couple approached the three trespassing soldiers and remained defiant even after one of the soldiers fired a warning shot into the air.

The couple and the soldiers continued in a heated argument, just as a fourth soldier arrived on the property.

But the fourth soldier didn't remain there for long, as the couple somehow managed to escort all of the soldiers off of their property, closing the gate behind them.

People on Twitter agreed with the US Embassy the couple were heroes for standing up to four armed Russian soldiers.

There were also some who commended the soldiers for not escalating and leaving the couple unharmed.

It's hard not to be touched by this as-yet-unidentified couple defending their home amidst all the chaos.

Negotiator Mykhailo Podoliak tweeted negotiations with Russia have taken a "technical pause"until Tuesday.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has referred to the negotiations—which have been held virtually—as "difficult talks".

The civilian death toll in Ukraine reached nearly 600.

Ukrainian officials accused Russian forces of shelling both a cancer hospital as well as a residential building this past Friday.