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Before And After Photos Of Zelenskyy Show The Toll The War Has Taken On Him Over 41 Days

Before And After Photos Of Zelenskyy Show The Toll The War Has Taken On Him Over 41 Days
Presidency of Ukraine/Handout/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

The start of the Ukrainian invasion by Russia was a little over a month ago. The invasion continues as the nation calls for help.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy recently visited Bucha, a suburb of Kyiv. Photos were taken of Zelenskyy by his office as he viewed the destruction and death in the town.

When compared to photos taken just before the war, the difference in the 44-year-old Ukrainian leader is striking.

The tweet above compared two photos taken by the Ukrainian presidential office. The first image showed Zelenskyy the day before the invasion, clean cut and addressing his nation in a suit.

The second image showed Zelenskyy in Bucha, 41 days later. He’s wearing an army jacket and bulletproof vest and his beard has grown out. Stress lines are etched into his face and bags under his eyes show the concern and worry for his nation.

It’s a depressing transformation to see.

Zelenskyy was visiting Bucha after a Russian attack on civilians.

The President accused Russia of committing war crimes and called for more pressure over their actions.

He told reporters:

“It's very difficult to talk. It's very difficult to negotiate when you see what they did here.”
“Every day we find people in barrels, cellars and everywhere else, some strangled, some clearly tortured.”

Zelenskyy has the unbearable stress of leadership under untenable conditions.

Studies have suggested the pressure from leadership physically ages people.

Many notice Presidents have grayer hair leaving office than when they went in.

Either way, the harrowing look on Zelenskyy’s face as his nation is attacked by a world superpower shows the pain and stress of leading a nation.