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Elton John Stunned After Ed Sheeran Gives Him A 'Giant Marble Penis' For His Birthday: 'It's Really Big'

Elton John Stunned After Ed Sheeran Gives Him A 'Giant Marble Penis' For His Birthday: 'It's Really Big'
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Ever since Ed Sheeran was signed to Sir Elton John's management company while his career was still bourgeoning, the two have remained steadfast friends.

John and Sheeran have become so close, the "Castle On The Hill" singer was unafraid to give the legendary music star a fairly naughty gift for his most recent birthday.

The Oscar, Grammy and Tony award winning singer/songwriter revealed Sheeran's cheeky gift during an interview on the Australian radio show, Hit 109.9Carrie and Tommy Show.

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During the interview, co-host Carrie Bickmore first played a clip from an appearance Sheeran had previously made on the program, where he credited the "Rocket Man" singer with cleaning up his fashion style by connecting him with Donatella Versace.

"I'd gone to stay with Elton John, and he was like 'Darling, every time you come out for an album campaign you look dreadful."
"Let me put you in touch with Donatella Versace and she will dress you for the next video."
"It was the first time I'd been properly styled."

John proudly took credit for getting Sheeran into something other than his iconic baggy shirts and trousers, before confirming their friendship and how proud he is of Sheeran's success, even after moving on to another management team.

The "Crocodile Rock" scribe went on to emphasize they remain incredibly close friends, who occasionally play the odd prank on one another.

But Sir Elton John had both Bickmore and co-host Tommy Little beside themselves laughing when he revealed what Sheeran gave him for his birthday this year—a giant marble penis.

The legendary composer confessed to Bickmore and Little he still isn't sure of Sheeran's reasoning for such a memorable present, or if it had anything to do with his demeanor.

"I don't know if that's always because I've been a prick or not."

When Little asked where John and his partner, David Furnish, placed the naughty present in their home, John admitted his children, sons Zachary and Elijah, made finding the right place for the sizable phallic statue a problem.

"Its really big, I mean it's beautiful, beautifully made but it's solid marble."
"I suggested to David that I should put it in the garden and he said 'no, we have children'."
"It's kind of hidden in an area of the house where they wouldn't see it."

But the ever classy Sir Elton John also made sure it was known how thoughtful he found Sheeran's unorthodox present.

"It's a beautifully made penis, what can I tell you?"
"What do you buy the man who has everything? A huge marble penis."

Neither Bickmore or Little could find it in them to stop laughing for the rest of the interview, with Little remarking the hidden marble male appendage in John and Furnish's home has the makings for a fascinating scavenger hunt for their sons, "find the d*ck."

Twitter followers were equally amused by Sheeran's gift, with some finding it the mark of true friendship at its absolute best, and other's taking it as a prime opportunity for some phallic jokes.

Sheeran's gift was not the first time the iconic singer/songwriter received a present from a fellow pop-star centered around male genitalia.

As a present for his 2005 civil partnership to husband David Furnish, rapper Eminem gifted the happy couple a pair of diamond encrusted penis rings.

During a 2017 appearance on The Graham Norton Show, John revealed he appeared with the controversial rapper as a way of quashing rumors of Eminem's homophobia, and the two have been close friends ever since.

WARNING: NSFW language

To further emphasize "how homophobic he isn't", John then revealed the rapper's wedding present, two diamond encrusted penis rings on a velvet cushion, both of which, John emphasized "remain unused."

Elton John will turn 75 next year, and only time will tell if any other of his celebrity friends will join Ed Sheeran and Eminem in adding to John's unusual collection.