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Guy Calmly Keeps Eating His Chicken Wings As He's Robbed At Gunpoint Inside Restaurant

Real Violence For Knowledge 2/YouTube

They say in a moment of crisis, one should remain calm.

The behavior of one man who was held at gunpoint at a fast-food chicken joint was an example of this and more.

Incredible CCTV footage showed a male customer calmly continuing to eat his chicken wings, unfazed by an armed robber pointing a gun at him.

The clip was shared on social media and has now gone viral.

The security footage showed the robber—who was wearing a motorcycle helmet—approaching a couple closest to the CCTV camera as some of the patrons nearby were fearfully fleeing the scene.

The robber seemed to be taking money from another individual who was either another customer or an employee, and whose hand was only visible at the bottom of the camera frame.

Then he walked behind the man in the Fila sweatshirt with the gun pointed at him, but the seated customer appeared unaffected by the encounter and determined not to let anything interfere with his savory meal and margarita.

With one hand held firm on his chicken wing, the chill robbery victim even handed the thief his cellphone over his shoulder with his free hand.

People had plenty to say over the situation that could have had far worse consequences.

The comments also continued on YouTube.

Real Violence For Knowledge 2/YouTube

Real Violence For Knowledge 2/YouTube

Real Violence For Knowledge 2/YouTube

Based on the footage, no shots were fired, and the robber walked out with his stolen loot.

Fila man continued mowing on his chicken wing as if nothing happened. Eventually, at the end of the clip, he looked out the window in the direction of the departing thief.

Indy 100's coverage of the incident deduced the robbery took place in a Spanish-speaking country based on the time stamp information seen in the footage.