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State Trooper Pulls Over To Help Car On Shoulder Only To Realize The Driver Is Playing Pokemon Go On Eight Phones

asiseeit/ Getty Images

Pokemon Go players might be getting out of hand.

A state trooper pulled over to help what he thought was a disabled vehicle found a driver with eight phones simultaneously playing the video game Pokemon Go.

The driver was stopped on the hard shoulder of south of Seattle, Washington state.

The state trooper couldn't believe what he saw.

So, the station took to social media to share what happened by tweeting a photo showing a blue foam square, with the phones sitting in eight rectangular cutouts.

Trooper Rick Johnson is a spokesman for the patrol and said Sergeant Kyle Smith did not issue a ticket because he did not observe the car moving while the driver was using the phones.

Yes, phones, plural.

But Sergeant Smith asked the driver to put the phones in the back seat and move along, because stopping on the shoulder is for emergencies only.