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Large companies will do almost anything to avoid their workers unionizing.

Worker unions means higher wages, more benefits and, in short, a much better life for the people working for them.

However, it also means less profits for the company, so large corporations like Walmart and Amazon have been shameless in their union-busting, going to extreme lengths to shut down any chance of unionization before it begins.

Many Delta airline workers are currently in the process of joining the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM).

Fearing their employees' demands for better conditions may harm their bottom line, Delta has begun an aggressive anti-union campaign that has gone to absolutely shameless lengths to dissuade workers from unionizing.

Common Dreams senior editor Eoin Higgins took a picture of one of Delta's posters and shared it online.

In an incredibly patronizing (and somewhat insulting) tone, the poster seems to suggest to workers that their union dues would be better spent on a new gaming system.

Twitter was irate at the poster, many promising to boycott Delta in the future.

It should go without saying that a union is better for workers than a gaming system.

Delta even went so far as to make their own anti-union website.

The website is...really, really something.

Hopefully no Delta workers will be convinced by this lazy, illogical attempt to sway them.

Of course, Twitter couldn't help but make a few gaming jokes about the situation.

The entire purpose of a union is to protect its workers.

The same can't be said for the company that employs them.

The IAM responded to the ads with a statement of their own:

IAM's statement@MachinistsUnion/Twitter

It's unclear how many Delta workers will sign up with the IAM, but very few are going to be convinced not to by Delta's union-busting propaganda.

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