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Homeowner's Security Cameras Help Cops Find Young Suspect's Hiding Spot In Wild Video

A Missouri woman was stunned to discover a police officer standing at her front door—then helped him nab a young man after reviewing her Ring security footage.

Screenshots of Ring footage showing police apprehending a suspect

Ring footage taken from a Missouri residence helped lead police to a young suspect who had been hiding out in a dumpster behind the house.

The clip started with a police officer approaching the vacant home and communicating with the homeowner–who was away at work–through the remote surveillance system.

He introduced himself as Officer Soros with the Arnold Police Department.

When the resident asked if there was anything she could assist him with, Officer Soros replied:

"So yes I just chased the subject around your house, and I was making sure he wouldn't have came in here."

The ensuing chase all caught on the woman's Ring cameras has gone viral.

The wild calamity prompted many social media users to share the clip–including actor and comedian Patton Oswalt who called the home-assisted manhunt "Cinema."

Twitter user Jaz first shared the video, calling it:

"Ring camera at it's best!"

WARNING: NSFW language.

Officer Soros asked if the woman had any kids, to which she said:

"No we don't have any kids."

The officer continued asking:

"And is there any younger adults that stay here?"

The homeowner explained it was just her and her husband residing in the home and they:

"Both work during the day."

Growing concerned, she asked if she needed to come home, but Officer Soros suggested something else.

He asked the homeowner to check her Ring footage to see if the camera detected any motion near the vicinity of her home because he and his team were looking for a suspect in a red T-shirt.

After some time elapsed, the woman informed the officer:

"He's in my trashcan by the garage."

Officer Soros and another officer seen in the clip immediately darted out of frame in pursuit of the victim after receiving the tip.

Another Ring camera behind the house showed the officers pointing a gun at the dumpster with the suspect inside.

“Open that lid, now, I know you are in there," said one of the officers.

The suspect popped out from hiding and attempted to flee from the officers by making a beeline towards a wooded area.

But his escape was curtailed by other officers who were situated at different perimeters of the property.

The clip ended with five officers escorting the suspect away from the area and eventually out of view of cameras.

All that was missing from the edge-of-your-seat clip was the proverbial rolling of credits as the madcap mayhem drew to a close.

Thrilled audiences gave the short film high scores.

The potential for a plot twist was not lost on users as they waited for the last 30 seconds where nothing actually happened.

There could've been a sequel.

Twitter users mentioned Ring founder Jamie Siminoff's doorbell video concept was rejected by Shark Tank.

But the surveillance company became hugely successful and it led to Amazon purchasing Ring in 2018 to the tune of over $1 billion.

Users praised Ring's assistance in fighting neighborhood crime.

Looking to take a bite out of crime?

Here's one solution—put a Ring on it.