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Doocy Just Told A Departing Psaki He's 'Sorry To See You Go'—And Her Reaction Was Priceless

Doocy Just Told A Departing Psaki He's 'Sorry To See You Go'—And Her Reaction Was Priceless

Just moments after White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki announced that she would be leaving her job, Fox News reporter Peter Doocy–with whom she has repeatedly clashed–told her that he is "sorry to see you go" and Psaki's reaction made members of the White House press pool burst into laughter.

Psaki grinned and coyly asked Doocy a single question–"Are you?"–that prompted many in the room to laugh.

Given Psaki and Doocy have repeatedly sparred over issues as charged as COVID-19, the Afghanistan withdrawal, rising inflation, the war in Ukraine, spiking oil prices, and in recent days the news that the Supreme Court will move to dismantle abortion rights, it might surprise readers to hear their exchange was good-natured.

Doocy, also laughing, thanked Psaki for being "a good sport," a compliment Psaki also extended to him.

You can watch the exchange in the video below.

The exchange between Doocy and Psaki came after Psaki–who did not announce her plans for what's next–announced her last day at the podium would be on May 13.

President Joe Biden released a statement praising Psaki, saying that she "has set the standard for returning decency, respect and decorum to the White House briefing room.”

Psaki will be replaced by Karine Jean-Pierre, who iscurrently the Principal Deputy Press Secretary. Jean-Pierre, who previously worked as the Chief of Staff for Vice President Kamala Harris during her presidential campaign and worked on former President Barack Obama's campaigns in 2008 and 2012, most recently handled press briefings when Psaki tested positive for COVID-19.

In a statement of her own Psaki said Jean-Pierre, who will be the first Black person and first out gay person in the role of White House Press Secretary, "is smart and she has a moral core that makes her not just a great colleague, but an amazing Mom and human."

Many found Psaki's response, another one of her famous #PsakiBombs, priceless and viewed her exchange with Doocy as an indication that there is still basic decency in Washington.

So what's next for Psaki? Sources say her next stop is news programming.

Last month, a source with knowledge of the matter confirmed to Axios that Psaki is "in close consultation with the White House counsel's office about her departure." Psaki had not yet formally told the White House press team about her departure and MSNBC spent time working with its compliance lawyers to ensure their conversations would not violate government regulations.

If Axios' reporting turns out to be correct, Psaki will follow in the footsteps of former Biden administration adviser Symone Sanders, who left last year to launch a show on MSNBC.