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Robert De Niro Bleeped On 'The View' After Ripping Trump With Blunt New Campaign Slogan

The Oscar winner warned of what will happen if Trump is elected for a second term in November—and offered up a profanity-laced new slogan for the ex-President's campaign.

Screenshot of Robert DeNiro; Donald Trump
ABC; Jeenah Moon-Pool/Getty Images

The View was forced to bleep Academy Award-winning actor Robert De Niro after he warned of what will happen if former President Donald Trump is elected for a second term in November, offering up a profanity-laced new slogan for Trump's 2024 campaign.

The show's co-hosts asked the outspoken De Niro about Trump during an appearance to promote his new film, Ezra, and he proceeded to compare Trump to notorious facists Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini.

He said:

"I don’t understand why people are not taking [Trump] seriously. You read about it historically in other countries, that they didn’t take the people seriously. Who does not think that this guy is not going to do exactly what he says he’s gonna do? He’s done it already.”
“And then what? We’re gonna sit around and say what, I told you so? It’s gonna happen. If he gets elected, it’s gonna change this country—for everybody."
They [Trump supporters] might think it’s gonna make their life better or they just wanna [fuck] with the rest of the country."

De Niro also addressed the time he threatened to punch Trump in the face:

“When I said I wanted to punch him in the face, it’s because of what he said to a bystander at one of his rallies, [that] he wants to punch them in the face. You don’t talk that way to people. What kind of person does that?”

He then offered a profanity-laced slogan he believes suits the Trump campaign—and was bleeped in the process:

“I see what a hateful, mean-spirited, awful thing he is. He’s vicious."
“It’s almost like he wants to do the worst that he could possibly do to show this country—to [f**k] with us, his slogan should be [f**k] America—I want to [f** America]."

Afterward, he joked:

"Excuse my French."

The audience cheered and applauded De Niro's remarks.

You can hear what DeNiro said in the video below.

Many concurred with DeNiro's assessment, not to mention the slogan he suggested.

De Niro made headlines last year after he delivered a hard-hitting message aimed at Trump during The New Republic's "Stop Trump Summit" in New York City. De Niro was not physically present at the event due to his recovery from COVID-19. Instead, he had former Trump administration official Miles Taylor read his remarks to the audience.

In his message, De Niro made a passionate case, drawing on his extensive experience playing various film roles, including gangsters and criminals. The essence of his message was that Donald Trump is not merely a bad figure but an evil one.

De Niro said Trump, who was twice impeached, is "still a fool." But he nonetheless warned Americans that evil "thrives in the shadow of dismissive mockery, which is why we must take the danger of Donald Trump very seriously."

Americans have one "last chance" to save their democracy, he said, because it "won’t survive the return of a wannabe dictator" and it "won’t overcome evil if we are divided."