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Naughty Rat Pulls Fire Alarm At D.C. Condo—And All Hell Breaks Loose 🔥😂

Naughty Rat Pulls Fire Alarm At D.C. Condo—And All Hell Breaks Loose 🔥😂
Flickr, @mokie/Twitter

Move over, Pizza Rat, there's a new celebrity rodent in town!

Who among us hasn't had a moment of boldness and inspiration, trying to do the seemingly impossible, mustering our courage to really go for the gold... only to find ourselves embroiled in fiasco as soon as we do? It's part of the human condition, relatable to all of us.

Including, apparently, rats.

A video recently emerged that featured a rat pulling a fire alarm is causing quite a stir on the internet. In fact, you might even say it's caused a firestorm.

As video from a DC condo building's surveillance shows, last summer, a rat was traipsing along a railing when he discovered an intriguing sort of box on the wall--a standard fire alarm with a pull-lever. He leaps for the box and promptly falls--but not before pulling the lever and tripping the fire alarm.

The incident triggered an evacuation of the entire building, for no reason.

On social media, some people were delighted:

Some were repulsed:

Some were outraged:

And some were even inspired:

Others couldn't help but empathize with the little guy:

Some even found in the rat's exploits echoes of our troubled times:

And of course, some couldn't resist the opportunity for a pun:

Whatever your feelings, this little guy clearly managed to assert his dominance over the humans trying to eradicate him and his compatriots.

Here's to you, Condo Rat.

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