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Internet Turns Cubs Fan Into Villain—But It Might Not Be The Whole Story

MBL video via @Cut4/Twitter

No one wants to see a grown man steal a baseball from a kid, and that's exactly what it looks like happened in a viral video from a Cubs game, but there may be more to it than that.

On Sunday, a video taken at a Cubs game went viral. The video appears to show a man stealing a foul ball from a kid before celebrating and giving the ball to his wife. The internet blew up with headlines like "Cubs Intervene After Fan Steals From Child" and "Cubs Give Young Fan 2 Baseballs After Middle-Aged Man Steals Foul Ball," and one can see why after watching the clip.

Later the Cubs gave the kid an autographed ball and posted a photo to Twitter.

Notice in his hands he holds two game balls? Well, it turns out the first one was given to him in a previous inning by the very man the internet vilified. Also, the ball he "gave to his wife" was actually given to another kid sitting beside the couple. Some folks who were there helped to clarify.

Here's what they had to say.

Chuck wasn't the only witness; Jeff and others weighed in.

But some folks still weren't having it.

Let's just hope everyone had a good time at the game.

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