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Freshman Dem Rep. Unloads On Boebert For Spewing 'Nonsense' In Blistering Takedown

Rep. Jasmine Crockett of Texas took the MAGA Rep. to task after she went after a House Oversight Committee witness.

Jasmine Crockett; Lauren Boebert
@Acyn/Twitter; Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images

In a recent House Oversight Committee hearing, tensions ran high as Texas Democratic Representative Jasmine Crockett confronted Colorado Republican Representative Lauren Boebert for her behavior towards witness Sally Katzen, a law professor from New York University.

The incident occurred as Boebert interjected and halted Katzen's response during discussions on government regulations.

Boebert even brought up the value of Katzen's house, which irked the witness. In response, Katzen asserted her personal connection to her home, prompting Boebert to question whether the situation constituted an "overreach."

You can watch what happened in the video below.

However, before Boebert could finish her line of inquiry Katzen retorted expressing her disagreement with the insinuations being made about her and suggesting Boebert had been "casting aspersions" on her.

Her words prompted Maryland Democratic Representative Jamie Raskin, the committee's acting chair, to respect “civility and decorum" during the proceedings. Crockett, unimpressed with Boebert's conduct, took a stand against what she perceived as unnecessary and disrespectful interruptions.

Crockett then apologized to Katzen, saying Boebert’s line of questioning was “uncalled for."

She said:

"This committee runs my pressure up,."
"And I do come prepared to committee, and then there's always somebody from this side that does something ridiculous that throws me all the way off. So, oh Jesus."
"First of all, let me apologize because that was uncalled for. So let me do what [Boebert] would never do, which is to be an adult in this room or in this chamber."

She added:

"So let's start there... I'm also going to start with nonsense that she was trying to spew and unlike Ms. Boebert, I am legally trained and I've passed a few bar exams."

The exchange between Crockett and Boebert shed light on the differing approaches and attitudes within the committee.

While Boebert seemed inclined towards confrontational tactics and making provocative statements, Crockett emphasized the importance of maintaining respect and professionalism during such proceedings.

Many praised Crockett's response.

Crockett later addressed the incident via her official Twitter account, saying she'd had a "busy Wednesday."

She added:

"After becoming the first Black woman Democrat to play in the Congressional Baseball Game, I went viral for torching Lauren Boebert for her disrespectful nonsense."

You can see her post below.

This is the second time in two weeks that Crockett has made headlines for remarks during congressional hearings.

Earlier this month, she fearlessly addressed Republican hypocrisy and claims of voter fraud, refusing to be interrupted by Georgia Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene during a hearing about election integrity.

Crockett passionately called out GOP lawmakers and emphasized the need to focus on the real issues affecting democracy. With her unyielding stance, she highlighted instances of voter suppression and fraudulent activities, citing specific examples from Georgia and Pennsylvania.

Despite being cut off, Crockett expressed her determination to continue speaking out against voter suppression and false claims surrounding the 2020 election.