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Couple Epically Pranks Friends And Family With Genius Marriage Proposal Rejection In Viral TikTok

Couple Epically Pranks Friends And Family With Genius Marriage Proposal Rejection In Viral TikTok

A couple pranked their friends and family by convincing them they witnessed a failed marriage proposal in a TikTok video.

TikToker Mack.Live posted a clip of him and his partner in crime, Chan, at a gathering held in the backyard of a residence. Many of the attendees had their phones out anticipating what they suspected might be the moment Mack went down on bended knee.

He did, alright, and Chan's displeased reaction at seeing the ring was not what everyone was hoping to see.

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The start of the clip showed the couple standing by the backdoor of the residence and greeting their friends.

It seemed obvious why everyone was there, as the crowd stood in a semi-circle around the couple and waited for the special moment they were predicting.

When Mac eventually got down and proposed, jubilant cheers broke out.

However, Chan did not look impressed, as indicated by her pointing at the ring presented to her.

It took a while for everyone to realize what was happening, and when Chan didn't accept Mac's proposal, the crowd stood for a long awkward moment in silence.

Two of the guests even slipped away into the house to avoid the uncomfortable scene.

Chan then addressed the crowd and said she didn't like the ring, but in the same breath, she exclaimed she and Mac were already engaged.

The crowd went wild realizing they've been had but also out of pure joy at the exciting news.

TikTokers couldn't help but comment on the woman who made her exit during the awkward pause.

Mac posted a follow-up TikTok video with commentary from the bamboozled guests.

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Users continued congratulating the skillfully, deceptive duo.

Who knows what other kinds of tomfoolery they'll have in store on the day of their nuptials?

Cheers to the mischievous couple!