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Kevin Costner Is Reportedly Refusing To Finish Filming 'Yellowstone'—So A Spinoff Is In The Works

Paramount+ is focusing on a spinoff starring Matthew McConaughey after Costner 'only wanted to spend a week shooting' the remaining six episodes of the current season.

Kevin Costner

Time for a different storyline in the world of Yellowstone, as Paramount+ has been rumored they will switch to filming an off-shoot series after the original star Kevin Costner only wanted a very shortened filming schedule.

Yellowstone, which is one of the most-watched scripted series in television these days, has been a success story for Paramount+. So when rumors began circulating that Costner only wanted to film for about a week for the remaining 6 hours of show time for the rest of the season, it was a problem.

While Paramount+ hasn't directly implicated this scheduling snafu in their conversations about Costner, they have reportedly “declined Costner’s most recent proposal and made the decision to move on to the other show," meaning in this case, a spinoff series starring Matthew McConaughey.

People immediately wondered how on earth Paramount+ plans to pull off that switcheroo.

There was some confusion, as at first people thought that McConaughey was going to replace Costner, rather than star in a spinoff.

Many others said that this move would be a good time to signal an end to the original series, with 5 seasons under its belt.

Some people said that the show wouldn't make it without Costner's star power.

Others pointed out that they aren't exactly watching for the writing quality or for Costner, so maybe the spinoff will work.

Someone did comment that if Yellowstone becomes more like a franchise than an original TV show, the gradual franchise-ification of media will continue to grow.

Time and horses will tell, as Paramount+ starts filming the as of yet untitled new show.