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Congressman Roasted After Video Of Him Unlocking His Phone Gives Away His Weak Passcode

Congressman Roasted After Video Of Him Unlocking His Phone Gives Away His Weak Passcode

The last few days have not been great for Republican Representative Lance Gooden of Texas.

He had a bit of an on air meltdown after being called out for lying.

Then the world taunted him on social media for his cellphone.

Not for the type of phone—don't worry, no ancient flip phone here—but rather his cellphone security skills.

Captured by cameras during the congressional testimony of Mark Zuckerberg, Gooden picked up his phone and entered his security code to open his phone?

Gooden's passcode?

Well, it was six digits long. Six identical digits long.

Depending on who you consult, Gooden either typed 777777 or 111111.

He's already been turned into a gif.

And been roasted on Reddit.

Of course with all the permutations a six digit passcode presents, his phone is fairly secure.

Anyone who picks it up would have two whole options to choose from.

It's almost as secure as... 12345.


But Gooden is a busy man.

Complex passcodes take time.

People recalled a similar passcode observed on camera in Washington DC.

Kanye West—during his infamous Oval Office visit—revealed his all zero security code on camera.

But after it was pointed out, Gooden thought he'd make a joke about the situation.

Gooden's joke went over about as well as a hippo trying to pole vault. 🦛

People pointed out this level of security is why a bunch of Republicans storming a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) with their cellphones—to protest the unfairness of 48 Republicans attending the various depositions in the SCIF—might be a security risk.

Although, people guessed the President would approve.

Gooden has reportedly changed his passcode.

The book Cybersecurity For Dummies is available here.

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