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Chrissy Teigen Finds The Hilarious Silver Lining After Letting Slip Her Baby's Gender On Instagram


Gender reveals in the United States have had some fairly catastrophic consequences as of late, such as the the El Dorado Fire that continues to rage outside of Los Angeles.

And indeed, Chrissy Teigen was aware of how tactful her accidental gender reveal over Instagram was.

After accidentally letting slip that she and husband John Legend are expecting a boy, she covers her mouth with her hand and says "oops."

Still, her gender reveal was far less consequential than the ones in the USA of late, as she acknowledged.

And...she's not wrong.

The other incident she's citing refers to a gender reveal that went wrong when a flare misfired and hit the father directly in the crotch.

In addition, another extremely expensive gender reveal party had the couple projecting the gender of their expected baby on the side of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Teigen and Legend have two other children.

Luna, born in 2016, and Miles, in 2018.

Despite Teigen's current difficulties, we wish the couple all the best with their new baby.

We also hope their family affairs will continue to not start major wildfires in California.