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Jeanine Pirro's Rant That Trump 'Made His Own Money' Just Got Epically Trolled By Chrissy Teigen

@Acyn/Twitter; Taylor Hill/Getty Images

Chrissy Teigen continues to troll Fox News host Jeanine Pirro on Twitter for her opinions on politics and a social media slip-up from July.

On July 5, Pirro posted a photo of herself "wearing [her] mask out east" while dining at an outdoor restaurant.

Pirro wearing a mask after spending months downplaying the dangers of the virus caught a lot of attention, but many people also noticed the picture she seemed to have open on her phone, which was sitting on the table.

Pirro seemed to be checking out topless pictures of Chrissy Teigen with dinner.

Teigen herself responded to Pirro's post with a hilarious call-out.

A couple months later, Pirro has once again gone semi-viral for a rant claiming Donald Trump "made his own money."

Teigen urged Pirro to stop her nonsense, making the judge a special promise.

Twitter couldn't help but laugh at Teigen's callback to July.

For people who follow Twitter closely, this was perhaps the ultimate burn.

Someone ought to remind Pirro that Donald Trump received over $60.7 million in loans from his father.

By the time President Trump was three years old, he was earning $200,000 a year. Trump was a millionaire by the age of eight...and not because he was working so hard.

Sorry, Judge Pirro, it seems you won't be living down your gaffe anytime soon.