Chrissy Teigen Criticized For New Tattoo That Gives Off 'Strong Holocaust Vibes'

Amanda Edwards/WireImage/Getty Images

In a recent Instagram post, Chrissy Teigen documented her new tattoo, which shows the birthdays of the members of her family written out on her arm.

While some thought the tattoo was sweet, others felt its similarity to holocaust tattoos from World War II was somewhat insensitive.

On Instagram, Saturday Night Live alum David Spade wrote:

"I use these lotto numbers, too. Small world."

Others, however, felt the tattoo was nothing to joke about.

One Instagram commenter wrote:

"Yikes really strong Holocaust vibes."

Yet another sounded off:

"Chrissy, I love you.I just wish people were more aware of the connection to the Holocaust when they elect to get forearm tattoos of numbers."

Another Instagram user was concerned about how Jewish people might be affected by the tattoo.

"I think this would make any Jewish person very uncomfortable even if unintentionally."

Many people felt Teigen hadn't thought her new tattoo through.

"Is anyone else a little bothered by the fact that she got a series of numbers on her forearm? Is the Holocaust really that far removed from our reality? Anyone??"

On Twitter, some people claimed the issue had been blown out of proportion.

Most, however, felt uncomfortable about Teigen's design.

Even those who recognized what Teigen was going for had to admit it might strike some people the wrong way.

When getting a new tattoo, it's always important to give the design as much thought as possible.

After all, it will be with you forever


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