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Chrissy Teigen Filmed John Legend Taking A Shower With Just Her Hand As A Censor, And Her Fans Are Living For It

John Shearer/Getty Images, @jaleelwhite/Instagram

Your partner recording and posting a video of you showering without your knowledge seems like the sort of thing that only happens in awful relationships ... or when you're partnered with a renowned prankster and endlessly devoted troll like Chrissy Teigen.

She is one of those celebrities who is just as well known for her shenanigans as she is for being a model, host, and author. Typically, those shenanigans revolve around trolling her husband, singer and EGOT winner John Legend.

Messing with Legend is nothing new for Teigen, and nothing Legend isn't used to. He has gone on record multiple times saying he loves her sense of mischief and sass.

The first line in his hit song "All Of Me" (which was written for Chrissy) is:

"What would I do without your smart mouth?"

Teigen even joked she knew, for sure, the song was about her just from that line.

We're establishing this all because it's important to note that Legend is a willing participant in his own repeated roastings.

For many people, this round of Shenanigans With Chrissy would have been humiliating. For John Legend, it's just another day being married to your best friend and biggest troll.

Recently, she posted a video of him naked in the shower. The clip is only four seconds long, and lovingly censored by Teigen's strategically placed hand, but yup... that's definitely naked John Legend. In fact, it's naked John Legend only kept "decent" by Teigen who, ever the supermodel, is precariously balancing on her toes.

Teigen can't help but laugh as she films.

Where mere mortals like you and I might cringe at the idea of a shower video posted for millions to see, Legend and the couple's friends and family (and fans!) find it hilarious.

This is just another in a lengthy string of ribbings at Teigen's hand. She has also messed with him by comparing him to the cartoon character Arthur, joking about how all babies look just like him and posting countless teasing pics pretending to do things like pick his nose or grab his butt.

People, particularly their friends, are laughing right along with the pair as usual.

Chrissy Teigen / Instagram

Chrissy Teigen / Instagram

Chrissy Teigen / Instagram

Chrissy Teigen / Instagram

Chrissy Teigen / Instagram

We can't wait to see what she comes up with next on her endless quest to mess with her husband. Keep up the fun, Ms. Teigen!