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Teacher In China Arrested After Pulling 9-Year-Old Boy's Hair So Hard He Was Left Partially Scalped

Teacher In China Arrested After Pulling 9-Year-Old Boy's Hair So Hard He Was Left Partially Scalped

In March, a teacher at Xinhua Road Elementary School in China, surname Chang, was placed on leave after partially scalping one of his students.

Chang witnessed several of his students, including a child with the surname Yuan, talking during his class. He briefly scolded the students for interrupting.

When the students continued talking, Chang pulled the three students to the front of the classroom by their hair.

Yuan pulled away and backed away from Chang, who perceived the action as insubordination, so Chang grabbed the student by the hair again and led him the rest of the way to the front of the room.

After Yuan had been at home for a few hours, he approached his mother, also with the surname of Yuan, and complained of nausea and dizziness before telling her what had happened at school.

The mother took her son to the hospital, where it was discovered Yuan's scalp had been separated from his skull during the classroom incident, which caused subcutaneous bleeding.

Blood had collected in the space in-between creating pressure on his brain.

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Yuan ended up being in the hospital for three weeks to drain the blood, correct the problem with his scalp and return him to good health.

Feeling terrible about the incident, Chang paid for all of the medical bills.

The child's mother stated:

"The medical bills were paid by the teacher. He said he felt regret and guilt."
"He hoped we could forgive him. But I can't forgive him."

She could not forgive the teacher because of her son's mental and emotional state.

"It has left him a shadow in his mind. He is afraid of the teacher and fears going to school."
"I am thinking of transferring him to another school."
"He hasn't gone to school since March. This semester has been wasted for my son."

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Chang was initially placed on leave while the matter was further investigated by the school.

On May 7 it was announced he had been arrested.

Mother Yuan was critical of the school for not being more proactive from the beginning. She felt it took contacting the police and news stations, as well as threatening to sue the school, before action was taken.

The Vice-Headmaster of the school, Zhang, stated:

"Only the upper-level authorities have the final say of whether the school has a responsibility or not."

Yuan stated:

"The school said it was the teacher's individual behavior and it had no responsibility here. The school suspended him from teaching only about 20 days later."

People were aghast at the news.

It's unclear what will be done at the school after this or what will be done with the results of the police investigation.

Since the mother is considering transferring her son to another school, hopefully he will have a much more positive experience and make a full recovery.