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Right-wing Influencer Ripped After Whining About 'Woke' Video Game's 'Unattractive' Female Lead

Ian Miles Cheong went off on Twitter about the main female character in Microsoft's new 'Fable' video game being 'weirdly unattractive' thanks to 'woke intersectional feminists.'

Ian Miles Cheong
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Far-right commentator Ian Miles Cheong recently took to Twitter to rail against the main female character in Microsoft's new-ish video game Fable, whom he called "weirdly unattractive."

The right-winger found a whole new thing to be outraged about and to blame liberals for—a video game character not being hot enough for his personal tastes.

So is this a simple difference of opinion on the subjective nature of human attraction?

No, of course not!

According to Cheong the character is unattractive because of "woke intersectional feminists."

You can see his tweet here:

Microsoft released a trailer on Monday, June 12 for the upcoming installment of Fable, a series of action role-playing games.

Fable from Playground Games is a bit of a reboot of the game Lionhead Studios released in 2004. Lionhead ended operations in 2016.

Featuring the voice and likeness of actor Richard Ayoade—of IT Crowd and Travel Man fame—the trailer focuses on the wit and whimsy the first three versions of the game were known for.

You can watch the trailer here:

But it became instantly controversial when Cheong for some reason got all in his feelings about a woman so fictional she's not even a real human being but rather an agglomeration of pixels.

Nevertheless, Cheong is hoppin' mad about her physical appearance.

Along with a screenshot of the video game character, he tweeted:

"This is the main character of the new Fable game from Microsoft."
"Continuing the trend of weirdly unattractive female main characters in video games, because beauty is objectifying."
"This is what happens when you consult with woke intersectional feminists."

But just to make it absolutely clear this video game lady *really* doesn't do it for Cheong, he continued tweeting about her.

"I couldn’t reproduce this in MidJourney even if I tried. You have to go out of your way to make female characters look this awful."

Imagine living in the world we currently inhabit with all its myriad problems and being most vexed by the fact a video game character doesn't tickle your particular fancy.

But liberals are the cry babies, right?

Cheong's tweet earned him a less than flattering post in the subReddit IncelTear.


Labeled "Incel Logic," Cheong's tweet was posted by Redditor Butter12Scotch with the translation:

"if I can't j*ck off to it then the game is woke"

Shannyn Sossamon Cringe GIFGiphy

Butter12Scotch added:

"Thankfully he got ratioed for it though"

The Reddit forum describes itself as:

"IncelTear is a subReddit for posting screenshots of hateful, misogynist, racist, violent, and often bizarre content created by hateful 'incels' (involuntary celibates)... Blackpilled incels blame women, their genes, attractive men, and society at large for their inability to get dates or sex."

Redditors had some thoughts for Cheong.

"Does he think medieval peasant women had access to makeup?" ~ Vulcandor

"Main characters in games are generally excessively attractive, I think it's cool to not do that for a change. God forbid a woman game model doesn't make your d*ck hard." ~ shofofosho

"Ian Miles Cheong, the Asian White supremacist Neo-Nazi and self-proclaimed Incel. Yes, he's really one to be in the position to judge women's beauty.....I'm pretty sure the woman in the picture would turn him down too. Incels never seem to consider the fact that an 'ugly' woman still has more options than them and she doesn't need the Incel."

"If he'd refuse to sleep with her then he's a volcel [voluntary celibate]. I've never seen an Incel who didn't turn out to actually be a volcel. They all refuse to sleep with huge swaths of women." ~ ClearDark19

"BuT UgLy WoMeN dOnT cOuNt!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ~ styrofoamcatgirl

People on Twitter were also unsympathetic to Cheong's plight.

As stated previously, Fable features actor Richard Ayoade.

Playground Games

No word yet on whether Cheong thinks Ayoade's character is sexy enough.