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Canadian Air Traffic Controllers Send Sweet Gesture To Their U.S. Colleagues To Show Solidarity During Government Shutdown ❤️

Photo by Joe Raedle-Getty Images

The shut down of the U.S. government over the building of a wall between Mexico and The United States is nearing its fourth week.

The shutdown includes 800,000 federal employees who have been sent home, but approximately 30,000 are required by law to continue showing up for work regardless if they receive a paycheck. Those positions include employees of the Federal Bureau of Prisons, Secret Service agents, the Transportation Security Agents, Border Patrol agents and and air traffic controllers who are responsible for keeping the complex aviation system going.

In light of this, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) is reporting that as a show of compassion and solidarity air traffic controllers from Gander and Moncton, across the Canadian border sent 32 pizzas to the control center in Ronkonkoma, Long Island.

Reddit user David Lombardo, a former air traffic controller posted a photo of the sign announcing the arrival of the pizzas:

from canada

Others took to Twitter to share photos.

There was an outpouring of love for the Canadians.

The gesture was greatly appreciated but frustrations with the administration are growing.

Between pizzas and a wall, we'll chose pizza.