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Boebert's Rant Against Paying Off Student Loans For 'Lesbian Dance Theory' Degrees Backfires Big Time

Boebert's Rant Against Paying Off Student Loans For 'Lesbian Dance Theory' Degrees Backfires Big Time
Fox News

Colorado Republican Representative Lauren Boebert was criticized after she claimed student loan forgiveness is giving an unfair leg up to people who took out loans for "lesbian dance theory" degrees.

It was a new twist on the tired trope students are wasting time going to college to study "underwater basket weaving." Boebert was met with as much enthusiasm as one would expect for a woman who has consistently attacked efforts to help the working class.

In rambling remarks, Boebert managed to accuse President Joe Biden of inflaming tensions at the nation's southern border while "robbing hardworking Americans" to pay for what she alleges are worthless college degrees.

You can hear what Boebert said in the video below.

Boebert said:

“How the heck can Joe Biden call America First conservatives a threat to democracy with a straight face and a dry diaper?”
“He’s the one who has allowed millions to invade our southern border. He’s the one who is robbing hardworking Americans to pay for Karen’s daughter’s degree in lesbian dance theory.”

Boebert has never been to college.

She dropped out of high school during her senior year when she had a baby in 2004. She reportedly earned a GED certificate in 2020, a month before her first election primary. She has said she wanted to prioritize raising her family over going to high school.

Boebert has gone on record with her belief the United States should eliminate the Department of Education.

Boebert also named eliminating critical race theory from primary schools as one of her top legislative priorities, even though it is not now nor has it ever been taught in elementary, middle or high schools or even most colleges.

CRT is a graduate level analysis of systems and institutions which quantifies areas of disparity in treatment and outcomes and looks for patterns. The fact those patterns in the United States are often linked to race is not the goal of the analysis, but rather the product.

Boebert was almost immediately criticized for her latest attacks on education.

Boebert joined a chorus of Republicans who have also criticized student loan forgiveness for individuals making less than $125,000, with the majority going to those making less than $75,000 annually.

She made her remarks during an appearance on Fox News personality Sean Hannity's show. Hannity himself disparaged the Biden administration's proposal because his staffers might benefit.

Hannity claimed student loan forgiveness would teach young people "working your way through school" is a bad thing.

Hannity is "the highest-paid star on Fox" according to Forbes which notes he is "banking $25 million each year from the network."