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Arizona Man Credits His Tacos For Saving Him From Being Struck By A Bullet

Arizona Man Credits His Tacos For Saving Him From Being Struck By A Bullet

A Tucson man recently cheated death, and he's giving all the credit to that most magnificent of foods:

a taco.

Now we hear you:

"Duh, tacos have saved my life approximately 1,000 times because tacos are proof that God is real and s/he loves us."


Yes, okay, fine.

But this guy was literally saved by a taco.

Allow us to explain.

It turns out that taco shells are bulletproof, and—just kidding. But the real story isn't any less wild!

Ryan Bishop was driving to the Pima County Fairgrounds this past Sunday when out of nowhere, his driver side window shattered.

When he got out to investigate, thinking a rock had broken it, he heard a torrent of gunshots nearby. So, he got back in the car and drove away, as one does.

He called the police, who found a bullet on his dashboard: the culprit of his shattered window.

So what does a taco have to do with all of this?

Well, Ryan typically drives like this:


Windows down, arm up on the door in the warm Tucson sun.

But on this particular day, he was driving like this:


Eating a delicious Taco Bell taco.

So he uncharacteristically had his window up. Because who wants wind and desert dust in their beautiful taco?

Not Ryan.

As he explained to local Fox affiliate KOLD:

"I had the window closed because I didn't want pieces of the taco flying around."

Fair enough!

Which means that if the window had been up, Ryan's arm—or worse—would have taken that bullet.

As he put it:

"I'm pretty sure [eating a] taco saved my life, or at least stopped my arm from getting blown apart,"


We all knew tacos were wonderous creations but who knew they had THIS kind of power?

Makes you think...


Anyway, in all seriousness, Ryan was pretty shaken up by the incident, telling KOLD that he was "in shock and awe" and "can't process it."

Bishop's mother—er, at least, someone on Twitter pretending to be his mother... was rattled too, and she took to Twitter to say thank you to the good folks at Taco Bell!

And the taco chain seems to have earned a lifelong customer out of the deal.

Elsewhere on Twitter, people were pretty surprised by this story of powerful tacos, and of course the jokes came rolling in.

While others couldn't help but point out the gun-crazy absurdity.

In any case, the Tucson Police Department is investigating the case as "Criminal Damage/Malicious Mischief."

Hopefully tacos can soon just go back to being tacos in Tucson.