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Alicia Silverstone Celebrates 'Mean Girls Day' With Hilarious 'Clueless' Mashup Post

Alicia Silverstone Celebrates 'Mean Girls Day' With Hilarious 'Clueless' Mashup Post
Getty Images for The Daily Front Row; Mean Girls/Paramount Pictures

Alicia Silverstone celebrated "Mean Girls Day" with a mash up that made the internet go wild.

The un-official holiday stems from one of the most memorable moments of the 2004 high school comedy classic, when Cady Heron, played by Lindsay Lohan, recalls the exact day her crush, Aaron Samuels, played by Jonathan Bennett, first spoke to her, October 3.

Fans of the film have since taken to celebrating "Mean Girls Day" every October 3 by posting GIFs, memes and photos referencing some of the most memorable lines and moments from the Tina Fey scripted classic, including "On Wednesdays we wear pink" or "That is so fetch" or paying tribute to their favorite characters.

Mean Girls star Lindsay Lohan joined in the celebrations on Instagram.

Aaron Samuels himself, Jonathan Bennett, also had a bit of fun, caving to all his fans who were cheekily "asking what day it [was]" on TikTok.

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Also taking to social media to celebrate "Mean Girls Day" this year was Alicia Silverstone, forever immortalized as the matchmaking fashionista Cher Horowitz of 1995's Clueless, released roughly a decade earlier than Mean Girls.

Silverstone inaugurated her TikTok account by recreating one of her most memorable Clueless scenes alongside her son. She also used the fashionable matchmaker Cher to honor "Mean Girls Day", albeit in a deliciously dark manner.

Silverstone paid tribute by posting a mash up video featuring scenes from both iconic teen classics first on her TikTok page and subsequently on Twitter.

Captioned with "Oops! My Bad", one of Silverstone's many memorable lines from Amy Heckerling's 90's Jane Austen update, the video began with a pensive Silverstone and "Thinking back on that day..." captioned in bold.

The video then cut to one of the most unforgettable moments of Mean Girls when high school queen bee Regina George, played by Rachel McAdams, is hit by a school bus.

But in Silverstone's ingenious re-edit, it is revealed that the driver responsible for "the plastics" leader's spinal injury was none other than Cher Horowitz!

The video quickly cut from Regina's accident to an early scene in Clueless, where Cher is in the midst of one of her trademark moments of reckless driving, and another one of her most memorable lines: "they came out of nowhere".

The video ended by returning to Mean Girls, and the unforgettable close-up of Lindsay Lohan's Cady after witnessing the literal downfall of her arch-rival for Aaron Samuels' affections.

Bennett, whom Silverstone tagged in the Twitter post, shared his delight at the delicious mash-up.

While Lohan was also tagged in the post, she has yet to respond to the joyous combination of two of the all time best high school films.

But the official Twitter page of Mean Girls sent their approval, using yet another quote from Clueless from another one Cher's episodes of problematic driving.

There were also Clueless and Mean Girls fans aplenty to share their joy after watching the hilarious tribute.

As it happens, Silverstone's birthday falls on October 4, one day after "Mean Girls Day".

One hopes her special day was as joyful for her as she made October 3 for so many devoted fans.