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Cher Took A Photo Of A 'Beautiful' Couple At Movie Theater—And They Had No Idea It Was Her

Cher Took A Photo Of A 'Beautiful' Couple At Movie Theater—And They Had No Idea It Was Her
Matt Winkelmeyer/WireImage/Getty Images

It's one thing to experience a celebrity sighting and ask to take a selfie with them, but it's another when the roles reverse and a celebrity asks to take a photo of you with their phone.

A woman from Houston named Syndie was celebrating a birthday date with her boyfriend Tehran and had stopped by a Christmas display outside a movie theater to take photos of each other.

Cher—who was wearing a facial covering—happened to be leaving the movie theater when she saw Tehran taking a photo of the birthday girl.

Admiring the couple from afar, the "Believe" singer approached them and asked if she could snap a photo of them together.

The couple happily obliged, oblivious their masked photographer was the famed, multi-award-winning "Goddess of Pop."

Cher tweeted the photo, saying:

“When we were coming out of movie I saw beautiful Couple.He Was taking Her pic….She had flowers I said … can I take your Pic…. 'Had my mask on so they didn’t Know Who I was. MAYBE Just a crazy woman.. THAT ME.'”

Cher additionally tweeted:

"See how adorable they are"

The post found its way back to Syndie, who didn't know up until that moment the identity of the masked photographer.

She tweeted in response to Cher's post:

"Omg! That’s me, and it was my birthday! Wow! I can’t believe it!”

Her enthusiastic tweet was followed up by Tehran's, who wrote:

"Wow! So we really did meet CHER! This night will certainly be remembered forever."

Fans who saw the "adorable" couple in Cher's photo were also moonstruck.

Others commented on Cher's own timeless beauty.

Cher didn't say what movie she saw at the time of her tweet.

But many believed she saw Steven Spielberg's critically-acclaimed West Side Story remake based on her tweet from Monday in which she said she enjoyed the film and was a fan of the "amazing" cast.

She added:

"Rita Moreno Broke My Heart. HER [star] STILL SHINES."

Syndie recalled the memorable night when they encountered the Hollywood and music icon and didn't even know it.

"It was dark, and she was fully covered, but we kept thinking this wasn't an average person."
"She had a mask on, and when she asked to take our photo, she was far away from us."

Happy belated birthday, Syndie!