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Alex Jones Misses Sandy Hook Deposition Due To 'Unnamed Medical Emergency'—And Twitter Has Theories

Alex Jones Misses Sandy Hook Deposition Due To 'Unnamed Medical Emergency'—And Twitter Has Theories
Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

InfoWars host and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones—who made a name for himself by promoting false claims like the Sandy Hook school massacre was faked—missed his deposition yesterday in a defamation lawsuit stemming from those claims.

This was due to an "unnamed medical emergency" that will also preclude him from being deposed the rest of this week.

What an unfortunate coincidence. Who could possibly have seen this coming?

Given the incredibly serendipitous medical issue, Jones is now on the receiving end of conspiracy theories for a change. Twitter had a field day coming up with wild hypotheses for what exactly caused Jones to skip his deposition.

Some surmised it was an Ivermectin overdose, since Jones is one of the country's leading proponents of treating COVID-19 with the unapproved and potentially deadly parasiticide?

Ever since the launch of his show InfoWars in 1999, Jones has been a prolific peddler of conspiracy theories about everything from the Denver Airport and the 9/11 terror attacks to the COVID-19 pandemic. But none have been as infamous as his claims about the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre, in which 26 people died, 20 of whom were schoolchildren.

Jones claimed for years the shooting was a "false flag" hoax perpetrated by left-wing opponents to the Second Amendment aided and abetted by parents of the slain children, all of whom he claimed were "crisis actors"—actors hired to perform the hoax.

So far, Jones has already lost eight of the lawsuits filed by families of victims of the 2012 shooting massacre in response to his claims, because he refused to turn over requested documents.

And just weeks before the deposition Jones missed yesterday, victims' families won a landmark $73 million settlement with Remington Arms, the manufacturer of the AR-15 rifle the gunman used in the massacre, marking the first time a gun manufacturer has been held liable for gun violence in the United States.

Suffice to say, things are not looking good for Mr. Jones. So it's easy to see why his failure to turn up for his deposition yesterday has raised eyebrows.

Jones' lawyer Norm Pattis claimed Jones' absence was due to medical reasons, telling the court:

"Mr. Jones was under the care of a physician for medical conditions that require immediate, and possibly, emergency testing. Mr. Jones should not sit for depositions this week."

But nobody seems to be buying that explanation.

Twitter had all kinds of theories as to why Jones didn't turn up as scheduled.

Regardless of whether or not Jones is actually sick, at the time of his scheduled deposition yesterday, a supposedly live feed on his InfoWars website showed him filming his show as usual. So he should probably plan on losing this lawsuit too.