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Sandy Hook Victim's Daughter Rips Alex Jones In Powerful Twitter Thread After Seeing Him Outside Courthouse

Sandy Hook Victim's Daughter Rips Alex Jones In Powerful Twitter Thread After Seeing Him Outside Courthouse
Mark Wilson/Getty Images; Joe Buglewicz/Getty Images

Erica Lafferty, daughter of slain Sandy Hook Elementary principal Dawn Hochsprung, posted a string of emotional tweets following the delivery of the verdict of the Alex Jones trial.

Lafferty not only lost her mother in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in 2012, but she has also been threatened by followers of Jones, who claimed for years that the shooting was a hoax.

Jones was ordered to pay nearly $1 billion in damages to families of Sandy Hook victims.

Following the delivery of the verdict, Lafferty took to Twitter to share an emotional thread, sharing her disappointment and anger not only because of Jones but because he was allowed a platform to spew his theories and push his agenda.

She tweeted:

"My name is Erica, I am the daughter of Dawn Lafferty Hochsprung, the principal of sandy hook school—and as I was testifying about the rape threats that were sent to me because of Alex Jones’ lies, he was on the steps of the courthouse holding a press conference spreading his hate and further pushing his dangerous agenda."
"After almost a decade of threats and messages from conspiracy theorists lead by Jones, this is a moment years in the making. And in this big moment, like in every big moment since the shooting, I just wish I could call my mom and tell her about it."
"I would tell her about the horror of watching Alex Jones hold court with press outside the courthouse."

She added:

"The disappointment of watching so many news outlets who’ve known us since 12/14 run his words unfiltered. The heartbreak of reliving the shooting as so many families took the stand to share stories of their slain loved ones."

Lafferty also wanted to tell her mother about the positives, listing news stations and allies who refused to give Jones a platform and instead offered support and compassion.

"But I would also tell her about the bright spots."

She shared:

"I wish I could tell my mom about all of this."
"I wish I could tell her about so many things that have happened since she was murdered."
"I will never stop missing her."

Lafferty acknowledged there will be others like Jones, but "a message has been sent" and "they learned that they will be held accountable."

Lafferty finished her thread with a beautiful tribute to her mother.

Many shared their support and noted Lafferty's bravery throughout the entire process.

Though nothing can change Lafferty's experiences, we hope the settlement brings at least some relief and comfort.

And makes others think twice before profiting off lies and adding to the trauma of others.