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Woman Tries To Get The Internet To Help Her 'Reunite' With Michael B. Jordan—And The Internet Plays Along Perfectly 😂

Paras Griffin/Getty Images for Essence, @BeeBabs/Twitter

The missed connections section of any publication is bound to be full of interesting stories, but this one might just top them all. Twitter has a great history of finding people with just a picture and a description, so one young woman decided to use it to find her "lost love." She met him on vacation and had a whirlwind summer love but changed her number and they lost touch. That is the totally true story and not at all something she made up. She even posted an adorable (and very real, not terribly hilariously photoshopped) picture of the two together.

Check out her post:

If you think that looks like a crudely photoshopped image of Michael B Jordan you'd be correct - but shh don't ruin the joke. Just run with it. Twitter underestimated her commitment to the bit at first:

Any actor will tell you commitment is everything, and eventually Twitter ran with it. They started pulling up pictures from his various roles and giving her updates. Yes - it was glorious.

Unfortunately it looks like she might have some competition...

We have no idea if her "lost love" has seen the posts or not - at least no official confirmation. We do have this, though:

H/T: Twitter, Mashable