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Woman Accidentally Seals Her Eye Shut After Sleepily Mistaking Nail Glue For Eye Drops

Woman Accidentally Seals Her Eye Shut After Sleepily Mistaking Nail Glue For Eye Drops
WXYZ-TV Detroit | Channel 7/YouTube

2021 is quickly becoming the year of sticky situations as more people have tough run-ins with stubborn adhesives.

Back in February, Tessica Brown became a viral sensation when she used Gorilla Glue in her hair instead of hairspray, which led to major surgery. Just days later, a man tried to prove Gorilla Glue wasn't that strong of an adhesive by gluing a Solo cup to his face, which led not only to surgery but the loss of part of his upper lip.

Now a woman mistakenly reached for nail glue instead of eye drops and put glue in her eye.

You can watch more about this latest incident here:

Yacedrah Williams of Redford, Michigan went through the scary event last Thursday when she mistakenly grabbed the wrong item from her purse.

She had gone to bed with her contact lenses still in place. Around 1:00am, she woke with the itchy discomfort of sleeping with her lenses in.

Williams went to her purse to get her eye drops to begin the process of taking her contacts out, but she did not grab her eyedrops.

Instead, she grabbed a bottle of nail glue, which she kept in her purse to fix her nails. Though the bottle was not the same color or labeling as the eyedrops, it was approximately the same size and shape. Still sleepy from waking in the middle of the night, Williams did not note the difference.

Williams used a couple of drops of the glue over one eye, which led to the realization she had grabbed the wrong bottle.

Williams recalled:

"I tried to wipe it away, and it sealed my eye shut."
Williams hurried to flush her eye with cold water, hoping she could wipe away the glue. Being a strong adhesive, this did not work, and Williams began to panic.

Williams' husband, Derrick, later said:

"She went into a panic. I tried to keep her from panicking, but then I said, 'Derrick, this is in her eye, not yours."

Thankfully, Williams did not lose her eyesight, despite the proximity of the nail glue.

The contact lens she was attempting to remove likely provided the buffer she needed to keep her eye safe from the harsh chemicals.

Williams recalled:

"They said that, actually, the contacts saved my vision. They had to pull on it [the contact lens] and flip the top of my lid."

Williams did lose her eyelashes on that eye as the contact with the glue on it was removed, but other than some healing time, Williams' eye should fully recover.

Twitter was absolutely aghast with this situation.

Some were really concerned for Williams and what could have gone wrong.

Dr. George Williams of Beaumont Health gave a few tips on how to dodge potential accidents like this.

"If it's any comfort to her, [Yacedrah Williams] is not the first person to make this mistake."
"If you ever get anything in your eye, the immediate thing to do is try and flush your eye out."
"Just hold your head under a faucet, get a bottle of water, hold your eye open and just flood your eye."
"You'll make a mess, but you may save your vision."

Dr. Williams also recommended paying particular attention to bottle labels.

"Many [make the mistake] of reading the bottle label to themselves. Read it out loud."
"Sometimes [that will help you] catch the mistake [before it happens]."

The worst part of this is this could really happen to anyone. How many times have we done something silly when we were tired, like trying to put the cereal box in the fridge and the milk container in the pantry?

As the doctor recommended, be sure to always carefully read your labels, perhaps even out loud, to prevent dangerous mishaps like this.